David Michael Drinkwater


1. Interreg IV European Project - 'Liveable City'
- models of some of the most significant examples of architecture in Norwich.

2. Interreg IV European Project - 'Spatial Metro'
- 'Project manager and Spatial Metro Board member. Project focused on improving city centres for pedestrians and cyclists.
The work consisted of the creation of 3D VR models of the whole of Norwich city centre and interactive interfaces to view the images and animated walkthroughs generated from the models. Also included participation in workshops at partner cities of Rouen, Delft, Koblenz and Zurich, (lighting, signage, spatial planning, pedestrianisation, cycling in cities). Workshop leader on 'Developing Interfaces' for viewing information for pedestrian visitors.

3. Co-investigator on the EPSRC funded project 'Visions 2030'
- 'investigating the future of walking and cycling in urban areas. Creating virtual alternative urban models to explore the future of walking and cycling via public consultation and discussions.
(Partners- Universities of Oxford, Leeds, Manchester and Salford)

4. Pedestrianisation project
for Norwich City Council-3D visualisations

5. Commercial redevelopments -
3D architectural visualisations and 2D compositing

6. Historic Virtual Reality-multi-layered 3D reconstructions
of areas of Norwich including:-
Norwich Cathedral and Norwich Cathedral Close - during different historic periods
St Andrews Halls-current and various periods (1200,1300,1450,1600,1750,1850)
Saxon Norwich and Medieval Norwich-the city walls and the whole city within the walls including Norwich Castle Motte and Bailey-the lost monasteries of the Whitefriars, Greyfriars and Austin Friars ; and the College of St Mary'’'s.
Dukes Palace-1650-1710
Norwich Market and Norwich Guildhall-reconstruction of different periods, plus interface web pages
Work done in collaboration with Norwich Cathedral, the Norfolk Archaeological Unit, the School of History, UEA , and Norwich HEART.

7. Co-investigator EPSRC funded project 'i-Connect' -investigating the impact of physical interventions on walking and cycling. Creating VR models to investigate the effects of different promotional materials on behaviour change. (Partners:-Universities of Cambridge, Southampton, Loughborough, Strathclyde, and UWE, Bristol)

8. Medieval Norwich-a virtual reconstruction , in collaboration with the Norfolk Archaeology Unit, the School of History, UEA, and Norwich HEART - currently focusing on the development of 'the religious city' .

9. Norwich Castle-A Royal Palace-a virtual reconstruction , part of a European project on Norman Castles - reconstructing Norwich Castle in C13th.

10. Medieval timber framed buildings - 3D visualisations of the construction, development and transformation of the medieval timber framed buildings of New Buckenham in collaboration with Dr Adam Longcroft and the Norfolk Historic Buildings Group. The creation of models of individual buildings and the creation of generic timber framed building computer program.

11.'Norman Connections' Intereg IV Project: Project manager for the creation of virtual reconstructions of the castles of Falaise, Caen, Colchester, Rochester, Hastings and Norwich across different time periods. The Norman Connections project created a cross-border network to share experience and best practices relating to site interpretation, development and archaeology of the common Norman heritage. Partners: England: Councils of Medway , Colchester, Hastings, Norfolk County Council; France: Comité Départemental du Tourisme du Calvados, Conseil Général du Calvados, Town Councils of Caen, Falaise, and Bayeux