Songs from the show David Drinkwater

the draft story outline

Cast :

Male lead - Robert – James (Robert's friend) –

Female lead Carolyn – Mary (Carolyn's friend)

Track 1. SWEET LULLABIES - Singer - Robert's mother - Scene – Postwar 'Austerity Britain'

Bombed out city through window Robert's mother sings him to sleep – Robert's father killed in last days of the war

Track 2. WANDERING HEART - Singer - Robert - Scene – Busy London scene

(Trafalgar Square/Picadilly Cicus?) just as Swinging London is starting - Robert has succeeded in his education and qualified as an engineer – He leads a wild life 'playing the field' – and enjoys the high life

Track 3. COLD LIGHT OF DAY – Singer - Robert - Scene – Walking by the Thames ,

early on a Sunday morning - Robert has seen Carolyn at a party and falls in love – they chat – he sees her home and then walks back to his flat

Track 4. GOOD BEER, GOOD WINE - Singer - James - Scene – Crowded pub,

where people enjoy a good singalong - Robert and Carolyn have been seeing each other but Carolyn Carolyn isn't sure and puts him off and Robert gets depressed . James tries to cheer him up – “come and join the lads , forget her – stick by your mates “

Track 5. STUPID HEART - Singer – Mary - Scene – Late night street

Carolyn's best friend Mary has completely fallen for Robert and when she finds out they have stopped seeing each other has hopes – and tries to move in , asks him out, etc - but Robert is not interested – she is broken hearted

Track 6. JUST CAN'T LEAVE HER - Singer - Robert- Scene – Back in the pub

Robert gets offered a job abroad – but even though he has been rejected by Carolyn he finds himself torn being staying and hoping that Carolyn will change her mind, and going

Track 7. NO POINT OF CONTACT - Singers – Robert and Carolyn - Scene – Airport

Robert has asked Carolyn to go with her – and Carolyn has asked Mary what to do – Mary sees maybe some day will get a chance again so she advises Carolyn to be cruel to be kind – make it clear it's all over – they swap verses - but as Robert heads to the departure lounge she realises she has made a big mistake, but it is too late and she is left singing the last verse by herself

Track 8. WANDERING HEART reprise - Singer - Robert- Scene – Late night bar in a foreign city

Life has gone sour and the affirmative wandering heart has become an aimlessly wandering heart of an expat

Track 9. I NEED YOU - Singer - Carolyn - Scene – London - ?street / by river?

Robert comes back to London for company confernece – from the taxi to the hotel he sees Carolyn on the pavement – he stops the cab – and gets out – they talk and arrange to meet after – and then the next day – and Carolyn admits that she loved Robert all the time and really wants to be with him

Track 10. HEAT OF THE DAY - Singers – Robert and Carolyn- Scene – South coast

They get engaged and marry in the summer and go on honeymoon at the coast – and walk along the coast as dusk arrives

Track 11. LOVE LOVING - Singer - All - Scene – South Coast ( /London?)- friends hear they are married and find out where they are and arrive to join them